Empowered Birthing~ A Healing Program for Birth Workers - Sacred Healing

Empowered Birthing~ A Healing Program for Birth Workers


This program is for you if:

*You are ready to break the cycle and clear your own generational birth trauma from your own birth, your mother, and even your grandmothers birth! *Don’t worry, you do not need to know the details*

*You are a birth worker who wants to support your clients to the best of your ability, passing on birth healing wisdom that will help to HEAL generational birth trauma!!!

*You are ready to take Your birth support to the next level helping women to not just power through birth hoping for the best but move into a space of having conscious, empowered and healing birth experiences! Which by the way, is then passed down to their children and their children’s children!!!! Just like we can pass on fear, we can pass on trust and love for birth and our bodies!


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