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Template for Making a Formal Medical Complaint

**Before starting be sure to read through Module 7 with all of the directions for how to self regulate and create boundaries around what you share.  I do not recommend writing this letter until you do all of the work before Module 7**

OK so let’s get started. When you write a letter of complaint  it’s important to start with a compliment and end with a compliment. This strategy will  help the person reading to be more receptive to your feedback and not go on the defensive. We want them to truly be open to hearing your story. You also want them to know you are rational so they pay attention.

  1.  Start with a compliment: ex : I trusted this hospital and my OB because I had heard they were good
  2. Then outline complaint: ex:  Given my assumption that you would provide a high quality of care my experience was quite unexpected then go on to explain the details of what happened. Try to not add any motives to why you think they acted the way they did , just describe the facts
  3.  Impact of the event : Explain the (long term) impact on your health, relationships, finances etc
  4. Request resolution:Then ask for a resolution. You can ask for whatever you would like but remember they may not acknowledge this or give you the feedback/ outcome  you are hoping for. Ex. I would like to request a meeting with the OB..I would like to know that the OB has seen my letter and my case has been reviewed etc
  5. End with a compliment : End with something about it feeling important to speak up so that this    doesn’t continue to happen to other women in a vulnerable position and that you trust given the hospitals great reputation that they will look into and take action to ensure it never happens again etc..

And of course…

***As described in module 7, be sure to keep self regulating  the entire time you write if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed.***

When your letter feels complete,

Seal it and send it with the intention of letting go of the outcome. You have done your part to advocate for yourself, your baby and other women that will birth in the future. You are strong and amazing and you survived!! Take a deep breath and release.?

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