Welcome to module seven 💜


You probably know these instructions by heart now, but here they are just incase you need a reminder! 

Read through the entire exercise so you know what to expect and can get a sense of how much time you will need to dedicate to this work.

Time to head to your special space!

It’s important that you begin these exercises by building in some aspects of self care so find a quiet and comfy space where you can work uninterrupted. Grab your favorite journal, a cup of your favorite drink, light a candle, diffuse your favorite oil, or do anything else that makes you feel settled.

Lets set up some boundaries around time.

**These questions don’t need to be answered all in one sitting. If the list of questions feels overwhelming to you, set a timer and work on them for a certain amount of time that feels good for you. Setting time boundaries around working on your trauma can make it feel less overwhelming because your mind likes to know that this work won’t last forever. For example, set your timer for 30 minutes and if after 30 minutes you still feel ok, you can keep going! If not, take a breather and come back later or the next day.

Time to nurture yourself and explore your experience with meditation

Step 1: Before you begin your journal exercises for each module , check in with your body. What are you noticing? Are there any sensations that are calling for your attention (tightness in your chest, heat in your head, pukey feeling in your throat etc)? Just take a moment to do a full body scan and jot down any sensations you noticed and where you are feeling them, inside or outside your body, then rate them on a scale of 1-10. 1 being barely noticeable and 10 being extremely intense or overwhelming.

Step 2: Take 10 minutes to do the self energy meditation where we will work on soothing and reassuring some of those more intense feelings from a place of grounded self energy.

(Right) Click here to download the meditation to your computer.

Step 3: After completing the meditation, do a quick body scan and jot down what number on the scale each of your previously noticed sensations is at now. Notice if any of them have shifted. As you work through the journal exercises pay attention to the feelings and sensations that may come back to the surface and if they begin to feel overwhelming, take as long as you need to nurture and soothe them. Direct calming energy towards them with your breath until they are feeling settled enough for you to continue.

**This may be easy or this may be a completely foreign concept that takes time to practice.** Wherever you are at, is just perfect, take your time and be gentle with yourself 💜💜

Ok here is your journal work for this week, this week is about taking your story back! 

To begin, quickly review your answers from last week and from a place of strength, recognizing that you survived despite the circumstances of your birthing, it’s time to write a letter to your care providers expressing how you felt you could have been better supported. This letter never needs to be mailed if that doesn’t feel right for you. Just the act of writing out your hurts, needs, wishes, and wants is a way of releasing them. Like we talked about earlier, regarding boundaries, if you intend to send this letter please be mindful of sharing only what will make you feel stronger and not anything that will leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed again. For example, you could write about how the interventions they performed without your concent were a human rights violation, or the way they spoke to you was belittling etc. If you feel as though you want to share your deeper emotions, that is ok, as long as you recognize that many care providers will not be open to dialogue about what happened surrounding your birthing process. So you may not get a response that validates your feelings or a response at all.

Phew, nice work! You made it through module 7!

Please take a few minutes to check back in and notice if any of your sensations have shifted as you worked through the questions. Jot down the number from 1-10 on your original list. Now just take a few minutes to ground and settle yourself with this short meditation.

(Right) Click here to download the meditation to your computer.

Have a wonderful rest of your day 💜



The sun always shines after a storm

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