Welcome to Module Five đź’ś

Today you are going to connect with your inner wisdom again and see what parts of you have more to share about how your birth experience effected them. After you have experienced a traumatic birth it is completely normal to grieve the experience. Some women grieve for what they had hoped their birth could have been, some grieve for injuries they or their baby sustained etc. There are sooo many reasons why women need time and space to grieve when your birth didn’t go as planned so whatever comes up for you is valid. Traditional therapies focus on the “stages of grief” and although that can be helpful in normalizing all the many emotions that come up it can also leave you feeling frustrated that you aren’t following the textbook steps or experiencing all of the emotions you “should” be or in the order that is “expected”.

Does this resonate with you at all?

 Rather than me telling you this is how your grieving process should look, I am creating this space for you to explore whatever needs to come up in whatever way it needs to. This is your unique process and no one else’s. So let this work today, be about honouring the parts of you that need your love and attention. It could be anger, shame, sadness, fear, or any other part that is unique to you. All parts are welcome in this space and when we are able to connect to and validate the pain they feel from a place of self energy, it is then that they can shift and begin to let go of the extreme roles they are playing in your life. The meditation itself is short so feel free to spend as much time as you need with your parts if it doesn’t feel like enough time. Just be sure to thank all of your parts at the end and spend a few moments back at the water in self energy before bringing your attention back into the room.

1. When you are done, allow yourself some time to free flow journal or draw about your experience and any insights you may have had. 



(Right) click here and select “save link as” to download the meditation to your computer.

*This is a meditation you can come back to time and time again as you have feelings that come up that need your attention. You don’t even need to do the full meditation, the key is just to make sure you are listening and giving space to your feelings ( parts) from a place of compassion in self energy. If you notice you are judging how you feel, ask that judgey part to step back and just imagine breathing yourself into self energy, the energy of  compassion, curiosity, calmness.*

Have a wonderful week đź’ž

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