Welcome to Module 2 


**Before You Begin**

Read through the entire exercise so you know what to expect and can get a sense of how much time you will need to dedicate to this work. Today you will need around 90 minutes for the exercises plus journaling time. 

Time to set up your space!

It’s important that you begin these exercises by building in some aspects of self care so find a quiet and comfy space where you can work uninterrupted. Grab your favorite journal, a cup of your favorite drink, light a candle, mist yourself with some release spray, diffuse your favorite oil, or do anything else that makes you feel settled.

Our theme again this week? Yep it’s all about the Self Care!

1.How did you first week of self care go? Were you able to follow through on the goals/ action steps you chose to take? If so, how are you feeling about your progress? Have you noticed any positive changes that you feel are connected to starting this work and dedicating this time for yourself? If not, what stopped you from making this work a priority? What needs to change in order for you to fully immerse yourself in this healing journey? What step(s) do you need to take to make yourself a priority.

✨My main goal in creating this program was to make sure you learn how to tap  back into your own innate healing power. We often forget that deep within us resides a beautiful and timeless energy. This universal energy is made up of love, health and compassion and when we are able to access this part of ourselves, healing is possible. Often we look outside ourselves to find help, to find something or someone or some healing modality that resonates with us. Do you know what that really means, the reason some things resonate? Things resonate when they remind us of what our innate wisdom already knows but we have forgotten. When something resonates with us our inner wisdom is saying YES!!! This is what I need, this is what will help, this is my truth. So for this module I want to slow things down and help you to connect with that inner wisdom. This is valuable work for everyone no matter what stage you are at in healing or how many resources or supports you have in place. This is valuable work that will help you in all areas of your life. ✨

*Remember the goal here is for overall health and wellness not just trying to power through some questions to process what happened! For optimal wellness we want to be integrating your experience as you process what happened and for that to happen there needs to be space in your cup and resources in place to support you as you work through this!!*

So today we make more space in your cup! You can start here with this healing meditation.


2. What came up for you during the meditation? Allow yourself some space and time to just free flow write anything that comes to mind.

Ready to keep going? 

Now it’s time for some yoga. There are two videos and ideally you will work through both starting with the strengthening yoga . *If you only have time for one video, consider coming back to the restorative yoga before bed. It is a deeply relaxing practice and a wonderful way to nurture yourself before falling asleep.* Click here for your yoga videos and don’t forget to read about the props you will need here before starting.

3. When you are finished grab your journal and just notice what comes up and journal about how the experience was for you. There is no right or wrong answers, your experience is exactly what it needed to be for you in this moment.


Have a wonderful week 💖




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