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Sacred Healing offers holistic healing packages in person or online to help you on your journey of healing from birth trauma.  Packages focus on healing mind, body and spirit using a combination of energy healing, bodywork, crystals, yoga, & more traditional talk therapy.

My Life’s Purpose & Why I’m So Passionate About Birth Trauma 

Hello and welcome 💜.  My name is Sarah, Sacred Healing has been a dream of mine for quite some time so I am very excited to share my vision of healing with you! My life’s purpose is to help facilitate healing around birth trauma so I have created a space where you can feel safe to explore your experiences and learn to master the tools needed to heal and release trauma.

 I truly believe that healing your birth trauma will help to positively influence how your future children and grandchildren’s births will be experienced. The more we heal and become conscious of the lessons we were given from our birth experiences, the more able we are to change our fundamental belief systems about birth as we move forward. As an added BONUS, by healing ourselves we are modeling for our children who have experienced traumatic births that it’s never too late to heal and grow from challenging experiences!

Many of society’s major issues today can stem back to people’s unhealed experiences of trauma that are manifesting in unhealthy and often very destructive ways. I believe that by healing birth trauma we can positively influence the world around us!

So now you have a little insight into what I’m all about! Are we meant to work together?

Click here to get a feel for how I work, what my background is, and even a little glimpse into my birth experiences that led to the creation of Sacred Healing! And Hey! I’m so glad you found me! Please explore the site & let’s connect soon.


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